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We believe it is possible and necessary to produce shoes in a way that respect body and planet, while also respecting the rights of those who produce them, and rewarding the indigenous communities for the expertise and skills they provide.

In this section we explain you in detail what we mean with the above claims, and how we ensure that any shoe developed by the Future Footwear Foundation is respectful of these values. Together these claims want to activate critical debates on footwear design and move towards a more inclusive design, aesthetics and history of walking and making.

These claims, their specific requirements and the compliance procedure have been initially established by Future Footwear Foundation in 2023, on the basis of past experience and frequent contacts and dialogue with cobblers worldwide. Updating these requirements and the compliance procedure is an ongoing process, in which the perspective of indigenous communities is the centerpiece. The current text is the version of April 2024.

Positively transforming cobblers’ lives


Having a positive impact on your health


Sustainably designed and produced


Contributing to the revival of cultural heritage

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