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State of Fashion

During State of Fashion, a presentation, debate or talk is organised every Friday in our event space: The Whataboutery. How can we come up with solutions for the sustainability issue that is so urgent in the fashion industry? Like the exhibition, the discussions in the Whataboutery are part of the search for the new luxury. You as a visitor are cordially invited to think along critically, ask questions, and have a conversation with our special guests. One of the steps towards a more sustainable fashion industry involves care, attention and a (re)appreciation for the garment. How can we persuade consumers to revalue the garment and no longer see it as a disposable product that is discarded after one season? But also vice versa: how can our clothing take care of us? State of Fashion’s curator José Teunissen moderates the debate on #care. Guests are Claudy Jongstra, Catherine Willems and Ruby Hoette.

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