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The Heel and the Sneaker - Podcast

Catherine Willems was part of a BBC World Service podcast about footwear “The heel and the sneaker”.  Click the link below to find out what’s in a shoe – apart from a foot.  Last 4 minutes is Catherine’s turn:

“What’s in a shoe – apart from a foot? Shoes can be so much more than a protection and ‘dressing’ of our feet: from Egyptian pharaohs to European paupers, footwear has been linked not just with the wearer’s social and economic standing but also cultural identity, personality and even moral values.

Rajan Datar follows the history of footwear with the help of Elizabeth Semmelhack, Senior Curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto; Giorgio Riello, Professor of Global History and Culture at the University of Warwick; sports shoe historian Thomas Turner; and footwear researcher at the KASK School of Arts in Gent, Catherine Willems”.

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