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Sustainably designed and produced

Our shoes are designed and produced with greatest respect for the environment.

When we say “sustainably designed and produced” we mean:

  1. Materials, adhesives and production infrastructure (energy included) are carefully chosen, and selected for their minimal negative environmental impact. For example we do not use virgin synthetic materials (or broader fossil fuel derived raw materials).

  2. Our shoes have a minimal number of components and our designs reduce complexity to the maximum. This minimal complexity benefits the possibilities of repair, recycle or decompose.

  3. In the choice of materials used the durability of materials is an important factor (the more durable a product, the less often you need to repair and eventually buy new.)

  4. Longevity : Our shoes are repairable and have an end-of-life-solution

  5. Our shoes are produced context specific. For example materials are locally sourced.

How does Future Footwear Foundation ensure compliance with these requirements ?

  • Future Footwear Foundation, who is specialized in sustainable design, controls and signs off the design of all shoes produced under this label.

  • Our Agreement with local manufacturers stipulates the suppliers of materials, which allows Future Footwear Foundation to control the geographical origin of materials and see to it that they are sourced locally.

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